29 July 2009 @ 07:58 pm
Merlin Fanmix  

❝The Fabulous Destiny of...❞

A Merlin, Arthur, Morgana & Gwen Fanmix

❝Charlotte Mittnacht❞ by Devotchka [X]

❝Grand Opening, Thread of Fate❞ by Nobuo Uematsu [X]

❝Guin's Theme❞ by Nobuo Uematsu [X]

❝Universe❞ by Sarah Slean [X]
Once I took the universe to dinner,
when she failed to yield to earth's demands
"oh" she said "you mean that little ant farm?
I'm alright dear, I've got other plans."

❝Orbis de Ignis❞ by Dead Can Dance [X]

❝Lovers in Japan❞ by String Quartet [X]

❝Knights of Cydonia❞ by Muse [X]
No one's gonna take me alive,
the time has come to make things right.
You and I must fight for our rights.
You and I must fight to survive.

❝Anywhere❞ by Evanescence [X]
We're leaving here tonight,
there's no need to tell anyone,
they'd only hold us down.
So by the morning's light we'll be half way to anywhere
where love is more than just your name.

❝Ode to Serotonin❞ by Nightmare of You [X]
I'm utterly depraved.
Lets do it on your terrace and
the rain will catch the notches on our backs.
Exchanging speak through our sloppy kisses,
where water tastes like perfume on the tounge.

❝Skinny Love❞ by Bon Iver [X]
Now all your love is wasted?
Then who the hell was I?
Now I'm breaking at the britches
and at the end of all your lines.

❝The Scientist❞ by Coldplay [X]
Come up to meet you,
tell you I'm sorry.
You don't know how lovely you are.
I had to find you,
tell you I need you,
tell you I set you apart,
tell me your secrets.

❝Viva la Vida❞ by Coldplay [X]
For some reason I can't explain...
Once you go there was neve,
never an honest word
and that was when I ruled the world.

❝Be Somebody❞ by Kings of Leon [X]
Given a chance I wanna be somebody,
if for one dance I wanna be somebody.
Open the floor it's gonna make you love me.
Facing the floor I wanna be somebody.

❝We're Both so Sorry❞ by Mirah [X]
I know you didn't mean it and you're sorry that I left.
I'll go right on pretending I've got nothing to regret
except all of the times we wasted getting only second best.
You always seemed to lose the spark when I was only half undressed.

❝Marsh King's Daughter❞ by Eisley [X]
Come on come on lets take a chance now,
we could fall in love.
Thrashing through the fem and dew,
I thought what I wouldn't do for you.
Stealing hearts of Marsh Kings daughers,
well this is something new.

❝The Secret's in the Telling❞ by Dashboard Confessional [X]
There is a secret that we keep.
I won't sleep if you won't sleep,
because tonight might be the last chance well be given.

❝Yellow❞ by Jem [X]
Oh yeah, your skin and bones turn into something beautiful.
You know, you know I love you so.

❝You Picked Me❞ by A Fine Frenzy [X]
Like a shell upon a beach,
just another pretty piece,
I was difficult to see,
but you picked me.

❝She❞ by Deb Talan [X]
She is not what you expected.
You thought you were garrisoned,
you had all your sides well-protected.
She is more than she seemed;
asks more than a dream,
nothing less than everything.
She gives you more...

❝Haleliwia❞ by HC Brigyn [X]
The night is dark, the night is long,
yet there are some that see the truth,
they know the message is more than words...
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