18 June 2009 @ 12:56 pm
This is a meme I stole from somewhere, where you pick 5 people that you would choose to save the world! Here is my list, with their explanations.

The Doctor - He's got his TARDIS which can travel from universe to universe and even travel through time. He's also got his sonic screwdriver, and about 900 years of wisdom on his brain. He also pretty much can't die, because he'll just regenerate into another body. He is unstoppable!

Lyra Belacqua - Lyra is tricky, sly and small. She was nicknamed "Silvertongue" because of her ability to lie so well. She even has the alethiometer to read, which is an object that can read the truth about any situation. It is pretty much omniscient, and Lyra is the only one who knows how to read it.

Darren Shan - He is the youngest vampire prince ever, and he is also the son of destiny himself... That says alot. He was destined to save the world anyways from The Lord of the Vampaneze and it doesn't hurt that he has super strength, speed and can communicate with others through his mind.

Leeloo - Leeloo is an alien who was sent to earth to stop a meteor from crushing the planet. She is known as "The Fifth Element" because she is the mixture of earth, wind, water and fire. She learns at abnormal speeds, can fight like a ninja, and is just all in all pretty bad ass.

Sakura Kinomoto - This little girl may look harmless, but she controls all 53 Clow Cards that each control a certain aspect of life. She can stop time, grow wings, create darkness, shapeshift, erase people's memories, or anything else with the help of these cards.

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